WorkTracker 1.4.0 Released

Yes, you read that right. I have released a feature update for my WorkTracker tool. There was one little annoyance that I worked around by using copy and paste and since it was just a few key strokes, I didn’t bother. But in my renewed motivation to do some coding, I thought that it’s about time this issue goes to hell. And now it’s being grilled by Lucifer.

The problem you ask? The summary was the problem. First, you could only open it as long as a work day was active. Second, there was no way to get the summary of last week’s monday for example. While the latter wasn’t the big problem, I think it was a missing convenience. My previous solution to that issue? Just before leaving the office for home I copied the summary to a text file and then ended the work day in the application. The next day I’d open the text file and use the values to update JIRA work logs and the time tracking system.

Now I don’t need to do that any more. I can end the day when I’m done, close the application and go home. The next day, when I (and you, of course) start WorkTracker, the “Show Summary” button is enabled and it automatically picks the last day to show the summary. No more copy and paste.

The second improvement, getting summaries of any other than the last or current day, can be found in the editor dialog (CTRL-E or Command+E on a Mac). Just see for yourself.


Click the button, get the summary, be happy.

Another important change is the update of the Qt libraries to 5.11 and the Windows SDK. Windows 10 is now the minumum requirement for the pre-built binaries. You can, however, compile it with an older Windows SDK version if you need to and even an older Qt version. I know that 5.8 will also do the trick.

Compilation on macOS works as well (that’s how I know Qt 5.8 will do), with one little caveat. Don’t worry, no compiler error. Since I haven’t had access to a Mac for a long time, the project files are not optimized to create a fully functional Mac app. Translations are not working because they are not packaged. I’ll have to update the script as long as I have a Mac flying around.

I also plan to add support for OneDrive syncing (and maybe other cloud services as well) so that switching between different platforms becomes much easier. Then your database file can travel with you to a different computer. I will start with OneDrive because that’s what I am using. I’ll have to see how generalized I can build that feature so that other providers are simple addons.

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