WorkTracker, a Little Open Source Tool

Up until my last post I was working on a little tool that helps me track the time of all (or just one) the different tasks at work. Since the work intensity went down it opened up time (yay!) for some personal stuff. We’re required to record our everyday labor and sometimes it became quite complicated to calculate how much time was spent on a single task, especially when the day didn’t start at 08:00 o’clock but some randome time earlier and ended at some random time.

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Bye Bye Beautiful

It has been a long time since the last post, too long, and something significant has changed. I originally had planned to do a comparison of the dynamic features of Groovy and Objective-C and had also already tested a few things and written some paragraphs. But then, all of a sudden, work happened and I had to sacrifice many sundays – the time I usually spent for projects like this – in addition to the usual office hours (and a few more on top of that). This eventually led to one big change that certainly wasn’t easy: I sold my iMac. There went the only platform that really supports Objective-C which rendered the initial idea useless. I’m now solely on Windows (8.1), and guess what…
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