From Primitive to Styled Object

I haven’t done much drawing the last week as I was more busy reading the second book of The First Law. However, I still managed to produce some images.

The main goal was to see how the main three primitives, sphere, cube and cylinder are the base of basically every object one can imagine.

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First Attempts at Drawing

One of the reasons I bought an iPad was to read digital comics. Now, a year later I not only like reading them but appreciate the art of drawing so much that I started drawing myself. To be absolutely clear, other than art classes at school – which were of no interest to me and are long gone now – I have no experience whatsoever. So I started searching on the internet for resources on how to start. I found something on the iBook Store which in turn led me to a series of Youtube videos by Stan Lee and John Buscema on how to draw comics – The Marvel Way! These videos are so unbelievably old, they’re talking about pausing the tape in order to draw what was just discussed and shown! So I did as I was told and here are the results.

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