Review Ratings Explained

Ratings are based on a chart from one to ten with one being the worst and ten the best. The scale follows the five-star rating of iTunes in that it is divided into five steps with a good and a bad rating.

Rating Points Description
1 Star (don’t like) 1 This sucks, hard!
2 This sucks too, but has a few likeable moments.
2 Stars (nice music)  3 Boring, but not bad enough to suck. Can be listened to once in a while.
4  Nothing special but not bad either. Doesn’t trigger a “must skip” reflex if played.
3 Stars (good stuff) 5  Interesting stuff. Has really good moments but also some boring ones. Might be played on purpose from time to time.
6 This rocks! There are some minor issues that prevent from being a killer.
4 Stars (holy cow) 7 This one kills. Very entertaining and almost without any glitches.
  8  Can it get any better? The only thing that is keeping this from being special are boring elements you have to search for intentionally.
5 Stars (perfect) 9  This is something special! Very likely to be played over and over again. Some minor issues keep from getting a “ten” but still, special!
  10  This one simply has no flaws.