Overclocking Intel Core i5 6600K to 4.2 GHz

The Skylake i5 is the 6th generation Core micro-architecture that has a lot of gaming power by default, especially the K series of CPUs. But, with only 4 cores and no hyper-threading, they are just not the right fit for some scenarios, especially video encoding. So, other than buying a new CPU (and board and maybe even RAM – as intriguing as it sounds), what can you do to get more performance? Overclock it! That’s what the K stands for, right? OverKlocK.Read More »

Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5820K vs. Ivy Bridge Core i5-5370

This one’s been bugging me for some time, mostly because I’m an enthusiast and even more so since I started transcoding my Blu-Rays to mp4. But I’ve never pulled the trigger. The reasons are simple:

  • The GPU is not fast enough.
  • It’ll only be good for this one thing, transcoding.
  • I reasoned myself into not needing one.
  • I am a penny-pincher.

Until recently…
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